The Judeteana Sportul Association for Toti Suceava is a non-governmental organization established in the year 2002 in the Ordinance Base 26/2000 with the support of the Association and the Foundation and Legea 69/2000 at the Physical Education and Sport. It was awarded in 2002 and received the Certificate of Sports Identity of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. AJSPT Suceava is located in Suceava, Județul Suceava, Bulevardul 1 Decembrie 1918 nr.7, România, phone 004 0745666568.
Our sports structure is affiliated with the year 2003 of the Roman Federation Sport for Toti. Our organizations are in line with collaboration and specific activities with public institutions at the local, regional, national and international levels.
The association is for 300 members and voluntary active in various domains of activity.

Principal lenses of AJSPT Suceava are:
– Promote sports benefits or physical education, tolerance and fair play, health care style
– Organization of sports activities for all kinds of social and social conditions
– Launches a variety of programs, with a range of activities for disenfranchised staff.
– Devoltage of partner activities in schools and universities.
– Human resource development and volunteering in the voluntary domain
– Promoting activities in nature and ecology
– Savolte programs or projects for teenagers in the domain of sports, culture and social purposes.
– Logistics offer and accessory tools that provide more information.
– Training organization for youth leaders and sports instructors.
– Disable tine activity for tins.
– Disable specific activities of social inclusion of persons favored by groups: women, women, comrades, immigrants, ethnic minorities, and other disaffected groups.
– Voluntary volunteering activities and voluntary volunteering in accordance with European and national legislation.
– Accelerate for prevention and combat violence in sports
– Promotion of prevention and control of substance use and methods of influencing sports results
– Dissolution and form failure, formal and non-formal, in accordance with the law