Greenways SCE is a Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE), a civil-law cooperative with a social purpose, registered to Social Economy General Register of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare. Greenways SCE was established in 2012 with the aim to serve local and collective interests and to promote employment, social cohesion and local or regional development. Greenways is a member of International Sports and Culture Association (ISCA), and member of European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF). Founding member of Network of Social Cooperatives of Central Macedonia.

Greenways SCE aim is to create sustainable green jobs through: 1. Promoting and communicating sustainable mobility and accessibility 2. Planning and certifying cycle routes and greenways, 3. Organizing events, campaigns, projects, 4. Lifelong learning, training, 5. Auditing bike-friendly services and sustainable mobility and cycling policies, 6. Cycling tour operator, 7. Bike rental and repair services.