High technical institute Mario Rutelli, Palermo (IT)

The “M. Rutelli” Technical Higher Institute, with C9_Environment and Territory (formerly a Surveyor), B2_Turismo, Liceo Scientifico and evening C9 addresses, is located in Piazzale Giangiacomo Ciaccio Montalto, n. 3 Mezzomonreale area _ Palermo.

Born as a detached section of the I.T.G. “Filippo Parlatore”, I.T.G. it has become independent since 1989, assuming the name of ITG III, and is currently housed in a modern building owned by the Province of Palermo located on the southern outskirts in the direction of Monreale. In 2004, the experimental course for Iter project tourism was established, becoming I.T.T.G. The new Liceo Scientifico course has been established since the 2011-12 school year.

The courses activated with a new order, today, are those for Tourism, the one for the Construction of the Environment and the Territory, for the Liceo Scientifico and for the course of temporary Education for adults Construction, Environment and Territory. They are closely linked to the economic reality of the territory, based essentially on the tourism industry and its related industries (trade and construction activities).

The classes involved in the #Dopout project are 1A and 1B