The project

#DOPOUT – Social Network and Peer education against doping.

Project areas

The project takes place in Italy, Denmark, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovenia and Turkey

Applicant: UISP (Italian Sport for All Association)


Duration: 1/01/2017 – 31/12/2018

Financing: EU Erasmus +

#DopOut project consists of the sharing at EU level of a UISP best practice of a social media communication and awareness raising campaign addressed to young people (11-18 years) on doping and pharmacological pollution (use of drugs and prescription medicines) in sports.

Objectives and expected results

  1. increase awareness of adolescents on doping related issues and their knowledge on health protection focusing on damages caused by the use/abuse of additives and by doping.
  2. Positively influence young people on health issues, the psycho-physical well-being and, consequently, on their lifestyles choices;
  3. Enhance the social and ethical values of sport. Doping issue includes the themes of eating habits, lifestyles, use/abuse of protein supplements and pharmacological additives.

Actions and Methodology
The project will involve school’s students and adolescents and will be developed with their active participation, as for the peer-education approach, in the enlivenment of a communication campaign through social media and multimedia tools.

Young people will create and independently manage the campaign, directly designing tools and materials and animating it by posting videos, messages and all materials they may produce. Students will also contribute to the elaboration of promotional video (shaped as a speechless animation, hinging on symbolisms and universal languages) and co-design promotional sports events aiming at involving adolescents outside schools. A promotional conference will also be organized for the start-up of the campaign.

An evaluation report will be elaborated and presented to main sectoral stakeholders, Institutions, Sports governing bodies, politicians and EU Parliament Deputies in a final conference to be held in Rome.