is a sports umbrella organization with around 50,000 members in 456 Carinthian sports clubs.

The clubs are at the center of the association’s work. SPORTUNION Kärnten sees itself as a partner of sports clubs in terms of service and through its professional support and advisory services (legal, tax, administrative …), sports participation programs and project initiatives, contributes significantly to dynamic sports development in Carinthia and therefore also in Austria.

In the SPORTUNION, people move in a community based on Christian social values.
SPORTUNION promotes sport and exercise and represents the interests of organized sport in Austria.
The association motto of SPORTUNION Austria is: “SPORTUNION – We move people!”, That of SPORTUNION Carinthia is “We are sport!”.

The SPORTUNION sees its task in making the joy of movement tangible. The SPORTUNION promotes competitive sport, increases individual fitness and improves holistic wellbeing. With 63 different sports, the SPORTUNION Carinthia has the most diverse range of sports in the Carinthian sports landscape