The Uisp (Italian Union of Sport for All) is a sports and social promotion association that aims to extend the right to sport to all citizens. Since 1948, the year of its foundation, the history of UISP tells that of our country, the value of rights and the Constitution. Sport for all is a social good that affects health, quality of life, integration, education and relationships between people, in all ages of life. As such, it deserves public recognition and protection. For this reason, the UISP, both nationally and locally (where it is strongly rooted and widespread) collaborates with institutions, municipalities, regions, public and private entities to improve people’s well-being.

The social value of sport for all Uisp translates into participation, solidarity, defense of human rights and dignity, respect and environmental sustainability, inclusion and international cooperation, against all forms of discrimination, prejudice and racism. Sportpertutti is a word that represents and summarizes the identity of Uisp, one of the largest sports and social promotion associations in our country, with 1,300,000 members and 16,500 affiliated sports associations and clubs.